A Mark of Quality: ACR achieves 19th year of ISO accreditation

The ISO 9001:2008 is an internationally recognised mark of quality for management systems and processes within a business. Once a year, external ISO auditors will evaluate participating businesses’ management systems and provide thoughts on strengths of the systems, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.


Karen Dykes and Anne Corder at Anne Corder RecruitmentThis external audit evaluates the core management system according to the following categories: Management; internal audits; corrective actions; continuous improvement; operational control, and resources. Importantly the audit looks at what the business does to enhance customer satisfaction by meeting their requirements and any regulatory requirements.


There is an emphasis on how the business continually improves its performance.


For the 19th consecutive year, Anne Corder Recruitment is delighted to announce that they have secured ISO 9001:2008 status.


The auditor’s report highlighted that ACR’s move to its new offices in Lynch Wood Business Park:


“Have been a great benefit to the company, allowing for better client interaction and improving access for candidates.”


In particular, the auditor referred directly to ACR’s offices now having room for clients to interview candidates – an important element of the recruitment process and the added value services we provide to clients.


The report also noted the bespoke systems in place at ACR, which speed up the processing and efficiency of the recruitment and administrative team.


In addition, our new website was launched this year with the benefit of it now being mobile and tablet friendly – an important factor for job seekers.


If you would like to find out more about our standards here at ACR, please click here.