ACR backs Skills Service with advice for young people

As a business committed to supporting the Peterborough Skills Service, ACR took part in two initiatives this week.

They were involved in a mock interview session at Peterborough Regional College for students with special educational needs on Monday and then provided invaluable advice to Year 10 students at Ken Stimpson Community School on Wednesday to help them explore routes into employment.

“We explained about how to apply for jobs, using recruitment agencies and job boards and also made them aware of the dangers associated with inappropriate use of social media and how that can affect them when looking for work,” said Jude Moore, who organised this initiative at ACR.

Commenting on the initiative, Becky Nash, Business & Education Development Manager for Peterborough and Rutland said: “Young people need to be aware of the career opportunities available locally and the types of skills that employers look for.”

“We believe that the best way to achieve this is through effective engagement with local employers, and events like the networking breakfast at Ken Stimpson Community School are a great way to provide students with inspiration, information and guidance for their future careers.”

To find out more about our work in the community, visit our Corporate Social Responsibility page.