Anne offers advice on bringing festive cheer to your business with temporary staff

Anne recently offered her advice in the Peterborough Telegraph Business Surgery on working with temporary staff this Christmas – along with tips on making sure their onboarding brings festive cheer to all. If you didn’t catch the article in the paper, keep reading here:

With stores beginning to fill with this year’s seasonal must-haves, the postal service preparing to deliver online orders, and Santa settling into his grotto, it can only mean one thing; Christmas is fast approaching.

With the seasonal shopping onslaught comes the need for more pairs of hands to cope with the festive rush.

To handle the increase in business over the Christmas period, engaging temporary staff is the ideal solution. Not only can they provide relief in the Christmas rush, but they can continue to support the business throughout the January sales that start soon after Boxing Day.

However, companies often struggle to find the volume and calibre of staff they require to meet increased demand over Christmas.

The higher the number of temporary vacancies available, the bigger the recruitment push.

To those businesses expanding their workforce over the coming weeks, our advice is to make your job stand out. While this is applicable to any job advertisement, an influx of temporary festive workers will require the role to offer something extra.

Consider how your position will benefit the candidate: do you offer competitive pay? Is there the potential for the role to be made permanent after Christmas? Are you offering company benefits?

We often only hear about huge recruitment drives from big businesses. However, it’s important to remember that smaller businesses can also leverage temporary workers throughout November, December and January.

Temporary staff will contribute to your culture and environment, just one temporary employee will help to boost the team. The extra hands will make the permanent staff will feel valued as you provide an active solution to the increased workload over the festive period.

When recruiting for a temporary Christmas team, we advise that employers still look for team members that are aligned with their business. Many employers make the mistake of compromising, because temps will only be engaged for a couple of months. However, they will be working with the permanent employees on a day-to-day basis, and it’s crucial that the business operations continue to run smoothly.

Maintain a recruitment focus on finding candidates with the right soft skills and availability to meet your business needs. A recruitment agency will have an extensive list of temps that they already trust, which will save a huge amount of time and produce reliable, hard- working candidates.

Arranging a training day for your new temporary recruits is a great idea; as well as meeting and building relationships with each other, they can get acquainted with your business and be provided with point of contact details.

Your training should be organised, efficient and in-line with your company’s values. That way you’ll end up in a win-win situation: temporary staff that feel supports and engaged, and a team that gels well, meeting the increased demand on your business over the festive period.

If you would like help with recruiting temporary workers over the festive season, we would be more than happy to help you. Please contact a member of the Anne Corder team today.