Annual Peterborough Salary Survey shows a 1.8 per cent increase in salaries

Every year we release a snapshot of the results of our Salary Survey produced in partnership with Paydata. The Salary Survey aims to help local businesses get the data they need to offer competitive remuneration packages.

This year’s (2015) Salary Survey revealed some interesting results. Combined with the information we’ve gathered from Pay Club meetings and speaking to local businesses throughout the year, the results offer valuable insight into salaries and recruitment in Greater Peterborough.

The results

Primarily, the survey showed Peterborough salaries are in line with national trends and continue to increase year-on-year.

From data gathered in 2014, the average salary increased 1.8 per cent in the past 12 months.

National trends show the average salary increase at approximately 2 per cent.

Tim Kellett, director at Paydata, said, “The relatively limited base pay national increases across all industries mask some significant changes in some sectors, such as construction and house building.

“However, taking these fluctuations into consideration, Peterborough is on par with the national average.”

In total, 27 organisations that employ nearly 4,000 people in Greater Peterborough participated in the survey.

Beyond salaries

Anne CorderPay Club meetings that delve deeper into the survey results revealed the challenges local organisations face when recruiting for digital and IT roles.

Anne Corder explained, “We know that organisations are struggling to find candidates with the skills they require. This is being reflected in the competitive remuneration packages offered to digitally savvy candidates.”

For more advice, read Anne’s blog: 5 Tips to Help You Find Employees With Digital Skills

A general report of the core data from this year’s survey is available to all here.

Take part in the 2016 Salary Survey and gain exclusive access to the full report

Participants of the survey receive access to a comprehensive break down of salaries for different job roles. This also includes information on the full remuneration package, including benefits being offered by local organisations.

If you would like to take part in the 2016 Salary Survey and gain exclusive access to the full data, contact Anne Corder Recruitment on 01733 235 298 or find out more here.