The ACR ‘happy hour’ helps professionals find joy in the workplace

We recently teamed up with career coach Melanie Coeshott, founder of Blue Diamond, to tackle the common workplace challenge – Imposter Syndrome.

The workshop with a difference took place at the ACR Lynch Wood offices during an out of office ‘happy hour’ where business/ HR professionals were invited to listen to Michelle de-bug some of the myths around imposter syndrome, while equipping attendees with the tools to identify and recognise signs as well as provide some long-term strategies to help.

Melanie said: “It was a really interesting session to listen to and share many stories about imposter syndrome and how common it actually is. The professionals in the workshop were very engaging and highly receptive to identifying ways to spot this trait – and of course, how to address any negative thoughts and feelings regarding their individual success and achievement.”

Anne Corder Recruitment partner Nel Woolcott added: “We host many workshops and events at our offices and this one was a little bit out of the ordinary.

“We decided to tag the event ‘happy hour’ to attract people to call in after their normal working day, and the topic itself was fascinating. Our massive thanks to Melanie for delivering this so fantastically, giving lots of food for thought to those who attended.”

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