Andrew Smith: Unique circumstances and the perfect solution

Andrew Smith case studyAndrew Smith faced a unique issue when he came to Anne Corder Recruitment in September. Find out how we helped him to find the perfect solution…

After working as a Civil Servant for 12 years, Andrew Smith was unfortunately made redundant. Andrew began to look for permanent roles when he was told he would need an operation. On receiving the news, Andrew evaluated his options and decided it was best to look for temporary work whilst he waited for confirmation on the date of his upcoming operation:

“My situation was a unique one. I was looking for a placement that fitted my skill set but most importantly allowed me to accept the first operation date that came through.

“I knew that a temporary placement would be an ideal solution. However I was still tasked with finding the right temp placement,” explained Andrew.

That’s where Anne Corder Recruitment came in.

Andrew had previously been in contact with ACR when he finished university in 2001: he knew the team was professional and efficient then, and that they would be now. Having continued to see ACR in the local press, Andrew felt confident returning to ACR again over ten years later.

After contacting several recruitment agencies clearly specifying his situation, Andrew said: “Many of the recruitment agencies I contacted simply didn’t get back to me. I was unsure if they had reviewed my CV and circumstances, or if they didn’t have a role for me.

“Anne Corder Recruitment, on the other hand, gave me a call just days later and asked if I could come in for a face-to-face meeting. It was hugely useful to have an interview with ACR – it gave me the opportunity to explain exactly what I was looking for.”

Andrew met with Anne, who worked to understand his needs, allowing ACR to match him perfectly with opportunities as they arose.

Recruitment partner Judith Broughton, who is responsible for the temporary staff offering at ACR, then met with Andrew and started to source suitable placements.

Andrew said: “Very quickly Judith was in touch with opportunities. On the 12th September – only ten days after I got in touch with ACR – I was placed at Bakkavor Group in Spalding in a data input role, which fitted what I was looking for perfectly.

“ACR were really helpful in finding me a placement that worked for my needs, and they’ve been in regular contact keeping me fully updated.”

Judith explained: “After placing Andrew in the two to four week temporary role at Bakkavor the position was then extended due to the excellent work Andrew was doing.

“Again this was ideal as Andrew wanted to work up to his operation date. Bakkavor were delighted to extend his placement on a rolling basis, until the date came through.”

On the 31st October 2014 Andrew finished his placement at Bakkavor and soon received a ‘Get Well Soon’ card from ACR after his operation on the 3rd November.

“We look forward to working with Andrew again once he’s ready to start looking for new opportunities in permanent positions,” said Judith.

“Andrew’s case highlights how temporary positions can work perfectly for those in unique situations, where they need a certain level of flexibility but also have a desirable skillset.”

Andrew added: “Having worked in temp roles previously, I know that temporary work is a great way of getting your foot in the door or for those looking for a role that fits their specific requirements. Whatever your objective for opting for temp work, remember to sell yourself and do your best!”