Angela Dobson | Temp-to-perm at Smithers Purslow

Following a 22-year long, highly varied career in the RAF, Angela Dobson retired from her role as a sergeant in 2018. Knowing that she enjoyed administration, Angela was keen to find a new opportunity that offered the same sort of variety – but it was vitally important that it was at the right company for her.

“I started looking at temporary roles because I wanted the flexibility temping could offer. It had been 22 years since I last job hunted and the job market was completely different. Temping gave me the opportunity to try different roles and begin to feel familiar in the job market again.

“I knew what kind of role that I wanted. I always enjoyed admin, so I knew that was where I wanted to focus. I just didn’t know where I wanted that role to be,” Angela explained.

Learning more about Angela’s ambitions

After seeing a job advert for a temping role, Angela was put in touch with Judith Broughton at Anne Corder Recruitment. Immediately, Angela felt like her wants and requirements were being taken on board:

“Speaking with Judith filled me with confidence. She paid real attention to what I wanted from my next role. With other temping agencies I had received a lot of stuff for the wrong sort of roles, like sales, which wasn’t what I was looking for. Judith understood this straight away, asked about my background and skillset, and took it all on board.”

A successful interview

Within a week, Angela had an interview with Judith and for a temporary role at Smithers Purslow.

“I knew of Smithers Purslow as a local company. When I found out about the temp-to-perm role there, I was very excited by the job. I felt it would suit me down to the ground and Judith agreed.

“As I prepared for my interview, Camilla at ACR was brilliant. She sent me an email with all the finalised details and gave me a call to check everything was okay and if I had any questions. She followed up after my interview too, asking how I thought it went. It was the first time I’d had that sort of interaction with a recruitment agency and I really appreciated it.”

“Everything I wanted and more”

After successfully securing the role, Angela got started at Smithers Purslow. Angela explained, “I had a very good feeling early on. The role turned out to be everything I wanted and more.

“Once I knew that the role absolutely was the right fit for me, I was sure to let my line manager know that I would accept if the role was made permanent.”

With Angela settled into her role, Clare Wilks, administration manager at Smithers Purslow, was delighted with the work of Anne Corder Recruitment, adding: “We are extremely pleased to welcome Angela to our team. We look forward to working with you again soon – as soon as you find another Angela for us!”.

Angela’s advice for other job seekers

When asked what her advice would be for other job seekers considering a temporary, or temp-to-perm, role, Angela said: “Make sure you do your best to make yourself part of the company. If you would like the role to become permanent, then take opportunities to step up and try to be as flexible as possible.”

Angela was keen to emphasise that job seekers shouldn’t be put off by a temp-to-perm role, as it can offer huge potential – “I wouldn’t be here now if I hadn’t given it a go! And I would absolutely recommend ACR to anyone looking for a new role. I said to Judith that I wish I had known about ACR at the very start of my job hunt so now I am recommending them to others I know coming out of the RAF too.”

If you are searching for a temporary or permanent role, and the perfect fit like Angela, send us your CV today.