Chloe Goldsmith | New skills, extra money and a great experience with a holiday placement at the RAF Families Federation

Envoy MagazineAfter completing her second year at Leeds University of the Arts, where she is studying Fine Arts, Chloe Goldsmith was back home in Wittering for the summer holidays. Looking for part time work to earn some extra money and gain valuable experience for her CV, Chloe approached ACR to find out about temporary work in Peterborough and the surrounding areas:

“I had completed a number of different temporary placements with ACR before university. I have always enjoyed temping with ACR; each placement has given me a taster of a different work environment. It’s exciting and looks great on my CV; I really enjoy receptionist and administration roles,” explained Chloe.

The perfect temporary placement for Chloe

When the RAF Families Federation, based in RAF Wittering, got in touch with Judith, recruitment partner at ACR, they were looking for a temporary, part-time office assistant. Judith immediately thought of Chloe.

The Federation needed additional support for their office team during their busy summer period. Having recently expanded, they needed someone who could hit the ground running. Caroline Woodward, communications manager from the Federation, explained:

“Chloe was exactly the person we needed. She didn’t shy away from new things and her approach was very refreshing. The team will really miss her and her input has been hugely appreciated – she was a breath of fresh air!”

You can read more about the RAF Families Federation’s experience with Chloe and ACR here.

A wealth of opportunity from temporary work

Envoy magazine Chloe WoodwardChloe completed her placement with the Federation between June and September 2017, providing a helping hand with administration work, keeping their website up to date and much more:

“Chloe has a great range of transferrable skills that were a big benefit to our team. She helped us to create some social media guidelines that have been invaluable for the team heading out to events,” explained Caroline.

For Chloe, there was a wealth of experience to be gained from her placement with the Federation:

“As an association they are very welcoming. They are willing to teach and really spend time on you. For example, they took me along to conferences through the summer and I had the opportunity to attend a number of family days, which the Federation had organised for RAF families.

“I’ve even been given the opportunity to write an article for the Federation’s magazine, Envoy, including an interview with a family who have recently been posted to Cyprus.

“It’s been a fantastic experience all round and one that will look great on my CV in years to come. In fact, I hope to continue working in similar placements and in admin for nine months or so after university.”

Advice for those considering temping

Having temped with ACR on a number of occasions, Chloe is a pro at adapting to a new work place and getting on with the job in hand. Chloe’s advice for those considering temporary work would be:

“Try not to turn down roles. They are all good experience and will teach you something along the way – particularly what kind of work environment you suit and enjoy. I completed a garden centre placement once – I came away with a great base of retail skills and learnt something about plants too!

“Be as useful as possible during your placement. Say ‘yes’ to tasks and make sure your time in a company is time well spent. It’ll open up doors as you go along.”

A fantastic experience with Anne Corder Recruitment

For Chloe, her experience with ACR has been fantastic – not only most recently with the RAF Families Federation but in previous placements too. She explained:

“I have worked primarily with Judith and Sophie at ACR and they are always very helpful. They ask how things are going and they really get to know you as a person and what you want. They’ve even visited me on placements before and they always give me a phone call to check in.”

Whether you’re a student like Chloe or simply looking for a more flexible approach to work, temping could be a great option for you. To learn more, get in touch with the Anne Corder Recruitment team here.

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