Finding the right candidates for the right job at the Frontline Group

The Frontline Group came to Anne Corder Recruitment for help building its team of commercially savvy copy planners at its busy offices in Midgate, Peterborough. As a result, ACR placed five candidates at the Frontline Group – all of whom were in different circumstances but are now delighted in their new jobs.

Discover how we helped these five candidates find their perfect job at the Frontline Group:

Amy | Commercial Copy Manager

Having heard about ACR when she previously lived in the city, Amy came to the Peterborough recruitment agency when she relocated back from Surrey.

Amy explained her recruitment journey: “To start with ACR and I had a lot of contact over the phone, simply because I was in Surrey at the time. Then I met with Nel in person at ACR’s office in Lynch Wood a little later on.”

Nel initially got in touch with regards to a couple of roles but it was the Frontline Group that stood out to Amy. She explained why: “The Frontline Group is the right fit for ambitious, driven individuals. It’s nice to think that you’re working for a company that aims to over achieve.”

Amy explained that even now, a few months into her role at the Frontline Group:

“I have to keep pinching myself because I didn’t know companies like this still existed. It’s nice to join a really refreshing company that doesn’t let itself be beaten down.”

A big plus for Amy was that she felt she already knew the Frontline Group, before even being interviewed: “Nel was always very ‘Frontline’ in her communication and enthusiasm. I had a very good idea about what the company was going to be like.”

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Stuart | Copy Manager

Being from Peterborough, Stuart has always known of ACR as a local recruitment agency. However, he was recruited for the Copy Manager role when Joanne, from ACR, visited his previous workplace.

“They were going through redundancies at my previous workplace, and Joanne made a business visit. She spent the afternoon talking to half a dozen people: interviewing us, learning what our skills are and seeing where we’d be a good fit. She was already looking at specific job roles for specific people,” said Stuart.

“Joanne was really ‘on it’ – she knew what her client’s were looking for. It was clear they had every confidence in her recruitment abilities and as a result she was already looking to place people,” he added.

Now settled into his new job at the Frontline Group, Stuart says his positive, ‘glass-half-full’ attitude is a perfect match: “Here, you never feel like anything is too much trouble. We work as a team and always help each other out.”

Casey | Copy Planner

“Like Stuart, I already knew of Anne Corder as a leading recruitment agency in Peterborough. The agency had already placed my partner in a few roles and she’s been in her current role for a couple of years now,” Casey said.

Nel explained that Casey was “one of those candidates who had four or five interviews – and offers – in the space of about a week.”

“I got a call from Judith at ACR and came into the agency the same day for a face-to-face interview,” said Casey.

Today, Casey is delighted with his new job and also highlights the helpful, positive, team-orientated approach at the Frontline Group.

Louise | Copy Planner

Louise found out about ACR through her family, with her Mum being familiar with the Peterborough recruitment agency.

Louise explained, “when I came home from university for the summer, Mum suggested that we went to ACR. I went along and straight away I was told to ‘put your CV here, and we’ll interview you right now!’”

Having spoken to Nel, Louise felt that the ACR team really worked to understand what she wanted. Louise got a job that summer as a temp worker for a local organisation.

When Louise finished university she immediately got back in touch with ACR.

“I came back, re-registered and straight off the mark had various temp jobs to pass the time until something I knew that I wanted to do came up.

“Then Nel worked really hard to get me the job at the Frontline Group. It turned out to be that job I was waiting for.”

Christina | Copy Planner

When Christina moved to Peterborough with her partner two and a half years ago she wasn’t familiar with the city. Instead, she Googled ‘Peterborough recruitment agencies’ and up came ACR.

ACR was the first agency Christina got in touch with and the agency invited her for a face-to-face interview. Within two days of moving to Peterborough she had secured a job at another local business.

Knowing that she had got along so well with ACR previously, Christina explained:

“I came straight back to Anne Corder and just like that I got the job at the Frontline Group! Anyone could do it!”

Matt and Nel at the Frontline Group
Matt and Nel at the Frontline Group

“It was really fast, it was exactly what I wanted,” Christina added.

Matt | Group Copy Manager

Group Copy Manager at the Frontline Group, Matt, was also once a candidate placed by ACR at the company. Although he’s now been with the Frontline Group for over a decade, he still recalls the great candidate experience he had with ACR:

“One of the things that really ‘sold me’ with Anne Corder was the face-to-face interaction. I remember going to sign up with various agencies and they wanted to do things over the phone. It was great that Nel wanted to get you in to interview you personally – to gauge what you bring to the table and only then to fit your skill set with the right company.”

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