Julie Sanders: working with an open and honest recruitment agency

Openness and honesty are priorities for Julie Sanders when it comes to working with a recruitment agency – whether that’s as a candidate or a client.

Finding the perfect HR job in Peterborough

As a candidate, Julie first came to Anne Corder Recruitment (ACR) several years ago when she was looking to move into an in-house role after working nine years in recruitment agencies.

“Having lived in Peterborough all of my life and worked in the recruitment industry myself for several years, I had always been aware of ACR’s good local reputation. When it came to finding a new job for myself, I knew I wanted to work with ACR,” Julie explained.

The ACR team quickly found Julie a temporary role with fantastic potential. Julie went on to grasp that potential, securing a permanent job as Recruitment Manager only six weeks after joining the company.

After seven years in the role, completing her Level 7 CIPD qualification and being promoted to HR Business Partner, Julie took redundancy. Whilst searching for a new job, Julie had no question over which recruitment agency she wanted to work with:

“ACR always listen to candidate’s to understand what they want from their next job. As a result, they came across a fantastic opportunity for me at Kidney Research UK.”

On January 17, 2017 ACR called Julie to see if a temporary role as Interim HR Manager at Kidney Research UK would be of interest. The next day Julie was interviewed and offered the job – starting on January 19.

“The Interim HR manager role had everything I was looking for. I wanted a broad HR role, which covered all sorts from payroll, to reviewing benefits and benchmarking salaries as well as supporting the business with recruitment and general HR matters. Since starting, I manage everything HR on an interim basis, whilst the HR Manager is away; it’s a fantastic role and great organisation to work for.”

A Peterborough recruitment agency with a difference

Whilst in her HR roles, Julie also worked with Anne Corder Recruitment as a client when recruiting within Peterborough.

“As a candidate the recruitment partners can tell you all about the culture in a workplace, right down to the personality of the manager you would be working with.

“As a client, they do not approach recruitment irrespective of fit, they are always realistic about who would be a good match. They aren’t in it to make a quick buck. ACR really focus on what both candidate and client want to achieve.”

For Julie, the value in working with ACR stretches beyond their immediate recruitment services too:

“I have benefitted time and time again from the local knowledge of the ACR team. When we are recruiting for a new role, ACR will be able to help us set an appropriate salary and their annual salary survey is a hugely useful tool.

“The salary survey offers very good local data for businesses. We recently completed our salary reviews in July 2017 and used the salary survey reports to inform the papers presented to trustees.

“Beyond the salary survey, we also regularly participate in ACR’s insightful Lunch and Learn sessions. I recommend them to all of our line managers with two most recently attending a Lunch and Learn on interviewing.”

Julie is also a regular attendee of the ACR and Hegarty Solicitors LLP Employment Law Seminars:

“I always attend the seminars. They are great added value for Peterborough HR professionals. I already have the 2017 date saved in my diary.”

“I would strongly recommend ACR to any candidate or employer. In both scenarios their approach to recruitment is hugely refreshing.”

As a candidate or client, ACR will work with you to find the perfect fit

As Julie’s experience demonstrates, we always listen to our clients and candidates to understand their ambitions and find them a role that ticks all of their boxes.

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