Tracey Ritchie: A return to the UK with the perfect project management role

Having travelled throughout her professional life, Tracey Ritchie was looking for an opportunity that would let her spread her wings again.

After working in London for 7 years and having gained experience at highly respected organisations, with a pull towards HR, Tracey made the decision to move back to her home country, New Zealand, with an opportunity that gave her the travel bug all over again.

“Whilst back in New Zealand I was given the opportunity to develop my HR career and also managed a Global Technical graduate programme for an international company. I was in that role for eight and half years, with global travel being a big part of my role. After a two separate secondments in the UK, I was eager to head back to Britain for a longer period.

“I knew I wanted to gain more and more international HR and management experience. In particular, I wanted to be given the opportunity to strengthen my knowledge of UK legislation and project management,” said Tracey.

When Tracey made the decision to begin her job hunt in the UK, she knew to get in touch with Anne Corder Recruitment.

“Anne Corder Recruitment came highly recommended to me when I was in the UK the first time round. As soon as my job hunt started in the UK again, I got in touch with ACR.”

With both Anne and Wendy working to find her the perfect role, Tracey soon had two job opportunities presented to her: a HR business manager role and a HR project manager role at the global brand, Travelex.

“I’ve always been impressed with the proactive communication of the ACR team. Unlike other recruitment agencies, ACR listened to and understood my aspirations – and kept in touch with me throughout my recruitment journey,” said Tracey.

The HR project manager role was a perfect fit for Tracey: “The role was a temporary placement for six months and it encompassed the key aspects I wanted from my next job in the UK.

“As soon as Anne suggested the role to me I knew it was one that I would enjoy: I would overseeing a project that gave me the opportunity to gain HR experience across the board.

“Travelex have been a fantastic organisation to work with and the project has been ideal for me to work on. I’ve gained invaluable experience. Plus, the placement is for six months, giving me the opportunity to head back for the New Zealand summer.

Tracey was delighted with how Anne and Wendy worked with her to understand her career goals: “Anne Corder Recruitment really focus equally on the ambitions of the candidate and the needs of the client. Their priority really is finding the right candidate for the right role.

“ACR were genuinely interested in where I wanted my career to go. They aligned my skills perfectly with the job roles they suggested and ended up finding me position which brought me UK experience with a global brand, for the ideal length of time.”

Tracey’s recruitment journey highlights how one candidate’s ambitions to gain international experience can be supported through temporary placements. In addition, it’s easy to assume that international experience may not be applicable to the UK HR industry but Tracey’s broad range of skills and previous placements made her an ideal candidate for the role put forward by ACR.

ACR recognised that it was about finding a placement that was balanced between giving Tracey the opportunity to strengthen her portfolio of experience and playing on her already existing experience gained in her other international placements.